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Whether you are planning a community event for thousands of people or an intimate dinner party for 12, it can be stressful.  You want every detail to be perfect and the guests to have a memorable time.  Did you know that music (especially classical music) has been scientifically proven to have a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies?  Because of this, the right type of music will be essential to the success of your event and stress level.  

bride and groom at an outdoor wedding ceremony

Most wedding planners recommend that you start planning your ceremony and reception music from 8 to 12 months ahead of time. And, because music has such a powerful effect on our minds and bodies, the musicians you choose for your wedding will set the tone for the entire ceremony.  


Wedding Packages starting at $250.00



Private Parties in the Quad Cities
Private Parties

You've chosen your date, venue, and guest list.  Have you considered the addition of beautiful music?  We would love to provide background music for your dinner party, bridal shower, holidays, or other intimate party.  Call us for a consultation today!


Because of the large diversification of themes in this category, please contact us for a quote.  


corporate event in the Quad Cities
Corporate Events

Details, details, details!  Organizing an event, whether large or small, takes planning.  The addition of beautiful music to your event is sure to soothe you and your guests.  Grace Notes Flute Quartet has performed in a multitude of venues, and our large variety of repertoire will enhance your event with soothing music.



Corporate rates starting at $300.00 per hour


Events in the Quad Cities
Non-Profit Events

Church or religious services/functions

Education Charities

Health Charities

Disaster Relief Fundraisers

Pet and Animal Welfare Organizations


Please contact us for our non-profit pricing.  




Bringing elegance to your wedding, corporate event, private party,

or other special occasion.  

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